Wild Party

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Black's hand. In the stark light of a new day, Queenie moves out into a brighter world, although not necessarily a brighter future, leaving the passed-out revelers in her wake.

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An award-winning score by Andrew Lippa provides excitement and drive for this tale of passions out of control. Capturing the sound of a bygone era with a nod to the present one, he makes us realize that moral decadence is not only limited to our past. Shop for products related to this show. License this show. In the bedroom, Burrs admits to Kate that he can't stop thinking about Queenie.

The first act ends with Black and Queenie kissing passionately as Burrs rejects Kate's pleas to go to bed with her and forget about Queenie.

Queenie retreats to the bathroom where she attempts to sort out her feelings. Black finds her and they share a few moments of fun together, leading Black to reveal his feelings for her.

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They kiss as Burrs enters, surprising them. He suggests that Black leave, asks Queenie's forgiveness, and begs her to stop the party. Just then, Kate enters and the four of them go at one another, each trying to get the others' attention. This struggle climaxes when Burrs grabs Queenie by the throat and begins choking her. At that point, she vows to let the party continue, "I don't care if it never stops! Burrs starts to lose control and, with Kate's help, launches a major production number dedicated to his own destruction.


Now completely inebriated, Burrs begins to hallucinate. He sees and hears Queenie everywhere and grabs Mae away from Eddie, thinking she is Queenie.

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A fight breaks out in which Burrs is severely beaten by Eddie until Black, to keep Eddie from killing Burrs, knocks Eddie out with a piece of a broken chair. Kate nurses Burrs' wounds and shares some cocaine with him, providing an opportunity for Black and Queenie to seek some privacy in the bedroom.

They talk. Black is from Chicago and has only been in New York for a few months. He works the door of a nightclub in town.

Theater Review: 'The Wild Party' a tame affair

Queenie drops her defences and they begin to make love as the rest of the gang does the same. The stage is writhing. The neighbour is then seen calling the police as groups of lovers pass out all over the room. Slowly,Jackie, the dancer, who has been mute all evening, wakes up and rises to his feet.

He looks about the room sadly taking in the spectacle; the guests are asleep, bodies and limbs intertwined, bottles, glasses, and clothing littering the floor. He notices the Victrola, cranks it up, and plays a record. He dances to the music, making contact with each of the sleeping party-goers as he does.

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Kate and Burrs wake up wondering where Queenie went. Burrs begins to hunt the apartment for her. Finally, he enters the bedroom and discovers Queenie in bed with Black. Burrs is enraged. Black and Burrs struggle and Burrs pulls out a gun from under the mattress. He holds it on Queenie and Black, trying to decide who to kill first. Finally, Queenie distracts Burrs, Black grabs him and they all struggle for the gun.

Theater Review: 'The Wild Party' a tame affair

It goes off. Burrs is fatally wounded and Black is left holding the gun.

Queenie panics. If Black is caught, he'll surely get the chair. He tells her he loves her.