Whatever He Needs Her To Be (Shapeshifter Billionaire Erotic Romance)

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Words: 12, Published: July 2, by Novel Mind Books.

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Billionaire Shane Trant is used to getting what he wants. When he sees Bristol Deatrich for the first time in over ten years, he knows he wants her. Only complete possession of her mind and body will satisfy him. Words: 24, Published: June 27, by Novel Mind Books. Rory Denton runs into a man she had thought dead for years. Ex-boyfriend Malcolm Forester is alive. And he's promised to make her most secret fantasies come true.

A lot of magic, a little bit of domination and submission, and one menage a trois pave a bumpy road to bliss. But neither Rory nor Malcolm are completely prepared for the destination that road might take them Words: 22, EMT Ty Wilcox spends his days rescuing people who toss caution to the wind and get injured--or worse--in the process.

Playing it safe is the only way to live. Words: 30, Antiques buyer Kaya Cordova needs the ancient Philippino copperplate she's just lost at a private auction, but she has six-foot-something of sexy, mysterious male standing in her way. Tall, blond, built like a god and sinfully rich, Jestin Draig looks all-American, but appearances can be deceiving.

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He has a dark secret that will force Kaya to quit bowing to the master of fear and a. Published: June 26, by Novel Mind Books. Maddy Beaudet needs to shake things up, but playing a board game isn't exactly exciting. Jace Michael has just moved across country to recover from an ugly divorce. Anxious to dive into work, the last thing he needs is a distraction, but the minute he meets Maddy, his employee no less, and learns about the game she's playing with her friends, a whole different game comes to mind Published: June 22, by Novel Mind Books.

Hope Hart, the most unpsychic psychic in the business, is desperate. Her customers are demanding refunds. Once he pulls her into his arms, and presses his lips against hers, she yearns to surrender to the ecstasy only he can give her Words: 18, Published: June 21, by Novel Mind Books. Stephanie Burbank has a problem. Thanks to her ex-husband, who has forgotten that not only are they divorced but he's also…dead…fiery passion takes on a whole new meaning.

Rafe Hammond has a secret too. But when Stephanie puts the moves on him, he's unable to resist. It's a battle of the elements as spirits collide and two people who haven't had a ghost of a chance risk getting burned for love. Words: 14, Published: June 20, by Novel Mind Books. High school music teachers Kate Evans and Lukas Krupke must travel together to a music educator's conference. Neither are disappointed about the travel arrangements.

Words: 64, Published: June 18, by Novel Mind Books. Alec Somner must stop an arsonist called the Hunter. But he's been trailing him for years. Now Alec has an unwanted distraction--a blonde who spikes a blaze in him. She's in danger and he must protect her.

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But oh, the agony. Adam Roy has an agenda and it has nothing to do with sales of his latest book, The Sex Plan. Published: June 17, by Novel Mind Books. No longer the tormented young men Blair knew and loved long ago, Damon and Trey still know how to touch her heart and how to bring her to the edge of ecstasy.

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Published: June 13, by Novel Mind Books. Sometimes freedom can only be gained through captivity… Elena Caine is being blackmailed by two men, including the quietly seductive Dom, Kyler Pierce. To get what she wants, Elena must learn the most essential lesson of submission—to trust her Dom. Even when she is on her knees…and her world is tumbling down around her. Words: 26, Published: June 6, by Novel Mind Books. And once Andre has Britt in his arms, he has no intention of letting her go. He will be the man to introduce her to the decadent pleasures of submitting. And she might teach him a thing or two about pleasure as well Previously published as Master, May I?

Words: 53, Published: June 5, by Novel Mind Books. Determined to conquer her lifelong fear of water, Jane Wilde signs up for swim classes. Josh, her instructor, and a selkie must find a mate, and, after a few laps—both figuratively and literally—return home.


Whatever He Needs Her To Be (Shapeshifter Billionaire Erotic Romance)

Jane seems to be the perfect candidate. However, he doesn't know one kiss will spark a sexyl chain of events that will change both their lives forever. Words: 54, Published: June 3, by Novel Mind Books. Marketing director Fate Doherty is on top of her game—until longtime rival and sexy bad-boy, Gabe Ryan makes a play for her job. What's worse, he seems hell-bent on rekindling the old flame she thought she'd smothered years ago Words: 77, Published: October 31, by Novel Mind Books. Get three of Tawny's best selling books for a great price!

You get: Wild Knights erotic shapeshifter menage a trois Wicked Knights erotic shapeshifter menage a trois Wanton Knights erotic paranormal menage a trois. Words: 7, Published: October 24, by Novel Mind Books. I have a secret--a deliciously wicked secret. Care to guess what it is? I'll give you a hint. I get hot and wet just thinking about it. Are you ready to curl up with a naughty book and step into my world of dark erotic fantasy?

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Words: 10, Jan Thompson has finally scored an invitation to a very special Game Night at the home of notorious bachelor Hayden Ross. Words: 25, But her all-time favorite is Her Dark Knights. The heroes, Cayne and Ronan, are fallen angels. Who would have ever thought that she'd find angels so freaking sexy? Because three is so much better than two Published: March 23, by Novel Mind Books.

Freelance writer Cheryl Witte loves her romance novels as much as the next girl. Especially Dangerous Knights, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Cy and Maksim.

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To be possessed by two dark and dangerous Masters? One word: yum! It could never happen in real life… right? Then again, maybe it could… and maybe she would. Published: February 19, by Novel Mind Books.

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Secretary Maggie Dunning loves her romance novels. Her favorite -- Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien. To be possessed by two powerful Masters?