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See the notes at Isaiah It may also mean a jackal, a fox, or a wolf. DeWette renders it here, jackals. The idea in the passage is essentially the same, whichever interpretation of the word is adopted. The "place of dragons" would denote the place where such monsters are found, or where they had their abode; that is to say, in desolate places; wastes; deserts; old ruins; depopulated towns. See the notes, as above, at Isaiah ; compare Jeremiah The meaning here would be, therefore, that they had been vanquished; that their cities and towns had been reduced to ruins; that their land had been laid waste; that the place where they had been "sore broken" was in fact a fit abode for wild beasts and monsters.

And covered us with the shadow of death - Our land has been covered with a dark and dismal shade, as if Death had cast his image or shadow over it. See Job , note; and Psalm , note. There could be no more striking illustration of calamity and ruin. Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary Matthew Poole's Commentary No text from Poole on this verse. Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible Though thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons, According to Arama, the "place of dragons" denotes the captivity of Egypt, which is the great dragon; and the "shadow of death", he says, was a name of Egypt in ancient times, as say the Rabbins; and observes that Psalm explains this; see Genesis Geneva Study Bible Though thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons, and covered us with the shadow of death.

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But it is better to render That thou shouldest have crushed us into a haunt of jackals. A haunt of jackals is a proverbial expression for a scene of ruin and desolation, a waste, howling wilderness, tenanted only by wild beasts Isaiah ; Isaiah ; Jeremiah ; Jeremiah Some commentators on the hypothesis of the Maccabaean date see a reference to the butchery of the Jews who had fled into the wilderness to escape from the persecution of Antiochus 1Ma The Sept.

It is however not improbable that the pronunciation of the word was altered at an early date in accordance with a popular etymology. Pulpit Commentary Verse Isaiah ; Isaiah The expression is probably used metaphorically.

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And covered us with the shadow of death. Brought us, i. Psalm , which closely resembles it , and the nations of the earth that dwell farther away from Israel. The shaking of the head is, as in Psalm , a gesture of malicious astonishment. He thought back to the talisman and wished his friends had let him have it so Tamarin could see, Darkstalker would still be trapped, and Kinkajou would be healed. Also, that Moon would still be around him. Just then, Pike bursts in, asking where Anemone is and Winter responds that she went to the rainforest.

Beware the Dragons

Pike started freaking out about Anemone alone and unprotected and that he must go after her so he doesn't get in trouble with Queen Coral. Winter says that Turtle went with her and Pike wasn't in the least reassured. Qibli pointed out that Turtle would be great at protecting her, deciding to not reveal Turtle's invisibility spell.

Tamarin added that Anemone is an animus so she can protect herself. Pike decided to go after Anemone anyways but Webs orders him to stay and Pike protested to no avail. Webs says that since the Jade Winglet and Gold Winglet had shortages in population, the Silver Winglet will be joining them. Qibli is excited as his friend, Ostrich would be joining him, however, Ostrich wasn't among her winglet, much to his disappointment.

Thrush asks if they can learn about Darkstalker, and Changbai agrees, saying he didn't seem like the legends. Boto is worried if Darkstalker is likely to murder them. Webs is irked, saying Darkstalker's legend happened years after where they currently were in their lesson, but Tamarin interjected, saying they desperately needed to know about him now.

Winter snaps that they can see what Darkstalker's like without a history scroll, adding that he trusts his own instincts than a scroll. Sepia and Winter then start pointlessly arguing about who was more villainous, Icicle or Sora. Qibli interjected, saying Icicle did try to kill Glory and Starflight which didn't help Winter at all. Webs finally gave in, telling what he knew about Darkstalker. Qibli received a message on Turtle's slate saying that Darkstalker wanted to be king. Sunny , then entered the classroom and asks to have a moment with Qibli, only for him to learn that Ostrich is missing from the school.

Qibli and Sunny searched Anemone's room and found animus enchanted bands that can control the weather, which Sunny takes. After searching the mountain with Sunny, Qibli realized that Onyx is also missing and is upset that Ostrich is in danger because of him. Turtle sent him a message that says Darkstalker is the new NightWing king.

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Qibli then gets frustrated at Turtle for not adding more details. Then, Qibli tries to put his earring on Winter but Winter refused, saying it would clash horribly with his scales. Then, Qibli thought of trying to multiply his earrings that remove any of Darkstalker's spells from whoever wears it with Turtle's bowl, meant for multiplying food.

He gets the bowl and gets frustrated when he can't remember the command words. Peril comes along and along and joined in with insulting the bowl then gives Qibli the idea of asking the bowl politely. Then, Qibli starts to multiply the earrings. With the new earrings, he doubles them to Sunny, Tsunami, and the other Dragonets of Destiny. Peril was unable to wear one due to her firescales Sunny tells Qibli that by using the dreamvisitor, she saw Ostrich with a dragon covered with tattoos, who Qibli confirms to be his grandfather in the Scorpion Den.

Qibli decided to go there, brings Anemone's weather bands, and prepared to face the terror of his grandfather to rescue Ostrich, and Winter insists on coming along. They got to the Scorpion Den and met Qibli's siblings, Sirocco and Rattlesnake , who brought him to his grandfather, Vulture. He greeted Qibli and assumed he must be there to join him.

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Winter and Qibli realized that might be what the prophecy meant by "beware the talons of power". He also showed them a MudWing witness who confirms that the MudWings are behind all the attacks on the Kingdom of Sand and that Thorn hasn't been doing anything. Then it is revealed that Cobra is being held captive. Qibli also discovered Ostrich, who was betrayed by Onyx and captured here.

Qibli had the choice of freeing Ostrich and giving Thorn's secrets away or find other means of escape. He pretended to choose to join them and starts writing gibberish instead of secrets, and Cobra plays along by scolding him for misspelling " Capybara ". Eventually, they had a chance to escape.

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Cobra knocked out the guards and Winter, Ostrich, Cobra, and Qibli escaped with Cobra's help since she knows the layout of the hideout. They confronted the MudWing, and he turns out to be Peril's father , who was pretending to be a MudWing called Bog and was working for treasure as always. They also found the hideout treasury and steal the Obsidian Mirror. Qibli found Thorn and talked to her for a bit, having convinced her to wear an earring which Smolder suspiciously objected to. After they exchanged quick greetings, Qibli realized there is something wrong and brings Thorn and the others to Ostrich, Winter and his mother.

Thorn and Qibli discuss the trouble in the Ice Kingdom , and there is a plague that was caused by Darkstalker, so Qibli asks them to bring earrings to the IceWings. Just as they were discussing the IceWings, Winter comes inside curious about what's going on. As soon as he hears about the plague, he tries to take off to ask Darkstalker for help, but Qibli and the SandWing guards pin him down.

Winter breathed ice on his arm, and Thorn managed to put his earring on Winter, but he and Qibli pass out. Qibli woke up but soon after he did, they are confronted by Vulture. He said he had the Eye of Onyx and that meant he should be in control of the throne, but Thorn laughs it off before revealing the real Eye of Onyx.

She says that the real eye is an animus enchanted object which only those worthy can hold, and all others would die implying Onyx or Vulture isn't worthy. Qibli noticed not seeing Onyx there while the grandfather is threatening Thorn, which is strange. He warns Thorn just in time as Onyx tried to sneak attack her. It is revealed that Onyx is the daughter of Prince Smolder and Palm, which means she is of royal blood and can take the throne. Thorn suggested battling for the crown and Onyx agrees.

Qibli worried about Thorn's lack of royal blood and calls a sandstorm to interrupt the battle, but it becomes too big and everyone has to take cover so they don't die. Thorn revealed the eye does not discriminate against or the lack of royal blood, so Qibli did not need to worry.

After the sandstorm finally clears up, the Talons of Power was gone. Qibli, Thorn, Six-claws, and Winter go down in the dungeons to see Onyx badly injured with Smolder by her side. Next to them is a "mad prisoner" who won't keep quiet. Onyx recognizes the dragon as Aunt Prickle. She had been trapped there and Oasis forgot about her, and Burn didn't care for her prisoners. As they are discussing, from the outside, Ostrich opens the window to the dungeon and gets rid of the darkness.

The three dragons went back up, and just as soon as they did, Turtle sent a message to Qibli saying, "Darkstalker knows about me.