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Both are expected to take over the farm or at least care for the parents in their old age, thus fulfilling the American mythology of the next generation taking over from the last.

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However both sons are handicapped — Tilden emotionally and Bradley physically. They are unable to care for their parents and thus unable to carry out the American Dream.

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Dodge felt the failure of the farm and the family as whole. He had failed to make the farm successful, he had not even planted any type of crop for over thirty years. He felt he had not lived up to what a typical American family's dream should have been.

The play often shows the father as generally sitting around doing very little, steeped in a major depression. The character of Shelly is used to show the audience what the ideal family should be. Her disgust with what she expects and what is actually reality helps to show the audience what the American dream should be.

Nothing has been planted in the fields. Breakdown of traditional family structures and values[edit]Dodge, the ineffectual patriarch, is meant to be the breadwinner and ethical guardian of the family. Instead, he takes on the role of a sardonic alcoholic who is bullied by his wife and children, and thus disempowered through their actions.

His character reflects patriarchs in America who have failed to create the family environments idealised in the American Dream.

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The act of incest and the resultant murder are indicative of a breakdown in the ethical rigidity which characterizes the typical American family. The character of Father Dewis, adulterous and unauthoritative, fails to fulfill the role of moral guardian assigned to him by society, thus reflecting the breakdown of morality and ethics within America. Production[edit]Shepard's intention[edit]Shepard's intention was to create a narrative that communicated and reflected the frustrations of American people, but at the same time was engaging and entertaining.

Set in a context which is easily recognizable, the American farming family, and centered around issues which are universal, the disillusionment with the American dream and the traditional patriarch, Buried Child reflects the frustrations of American people.

The postmodern style that Shepard uses incorporates surrealism and symbolism in the realistic framework of a family drama. This platform allows for engaging visceral theatre. Shepard is able to create images in the imaginations of people through the use of surrealism and symbolism, evoke and harness the experiences of his audience through its postmodern nature, and keep the audience comfortable in the trappings of realism. However, added into the realistic framework are distinct elements of surrealism and symbolism.

The three-act structure, the immediate time frame and the setting of the play in reality give it an overall realistic appearance. Yet the use of symbols such as the corn and the rain give the play a symbolist element while the fragmented characterisation and actions like the multiple burials of Dodge are somewhat surreal or dreamlike.

The humour is also an essential element of the style, giving the play sardonic, black and even at times slapstick elements. All these stylistic elements combine to give the play an overall postmodern feel. Yet there is a swing to it all, a vagrant freedom, a tattered song. The show was revived for a two-month run on Broadway in , following a production at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago in The script for the production had been reworked by Shepard. CarrJay O. The Cambridge Companion to Sam Shepard.

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The New York Times. Retrieved August 2, Buried Child. New York: Random House. Deadline Hollywood. February 17, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved March 29, London Box Office. September 1, Further reading[edit]Shepard, Sam Seven Plays. New York: Bantam Books. Shepard, Sam New York: Dramatist's Play Service. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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