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Du Bois was the first black man to receive a Ph. He was also one of the founders of the NAACP, and a leader at the forefront of the movement for black civil rights in the United States. Later in his life, he was an activist for peace and opposed nuclear weapons, which made him a target of FBI harassment.

Also a leader of the Pan-African movement, he moved to Ghana and renounced his U. The study, considered one of the first examples of scientifically framed and conducted sociology, was based on over 2, in-person interviews systematically conducted with black households in the seventh ward of Philadelphia from August through December In a first for sociology, Du Bois combined his research with census data to create visual illustrations of his findings in bar graphs.

Through this combination of methods, he clearly illustrated the realities of racism and how it impacted the lives and opportunities of this community, providing much-needed evidence in the fight to disprove the supposed cultural and intellectual inferiority of black people.

What Is Sociology?: Crash Course Sociology #1

In Chapter 1, Du Bois puts forth two concepts that have become staples of sociology and race theory: "double-consciousness" and "the veil. Du Bois uses the metaphor of the veil to describe how black people see the world differently from whites, given how race and racism shape their experiences and interactions with others.

Physically speaking, the veil can be understood as dark skin, which, in our society marks black people as different from whites. The cry of need fell on prepared hearts, made tender by Pietism and illuminated by Rationalism. Sympathy and the optimism of culture united in the doctrine that to elevate society we must begin with the children.


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John Falk — was a personal embodiment of the conflicting forces of his age. The brief account of him given by Schafer may fittingly close this article.

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The times are summed up in the man. Falk was the son of a poor man of Dantsic and could not, without the aid of friends, gain the education for which his whole nature hungered. Those who assisted him said: "If ever at any time, sooner or later, a poor child knocks at your door, then consider that it is the gray old magistrates and councillors of Dantsic who knock, and turn them not away.

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  4. Trouble opened his heart to the poor whose sufferings were inexpressibly increased by the Napoleonic wars. Fugitives from devastated homes found refuge at his house.

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    He founded the society of "Friends in Need" and the house of rescue, "Lutherhof," at Weimar. The great poets of Weimar befriended him. He regarded himself as a missionary.