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One way to jump the mental hurdle of running for office? Focus on leading at a hyper-local level. It's this whole landscape that's available to women. It comes to those who interrupt and claim their right to be included. To learn about more concrete actions you can take on the issues that matter to you, subscribe to the Inflection Point podcast. Join our "Campaign for Action" to help us share more stories of women leading change.

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Trending Articles. Nelsie Yang St. Paul City Council, Ward 6. Jermoh Kamara Worcester School Committee. Keith St. John Mayor of Marlborough. Tyson Moultrie Mayor of New Bedford. Eliz Markowitz House District 28, Katy.


Kipp Mueller Senate District 21, California. Theresa Brooks Troy City Council.

Sarah Calvin Trappe Borough Council. Ayesha Wilson Cambridge School Committee.

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Matt Hughes Hillsborough Board of Commissioners. James Hedrick Rockville City Council. Daniel Wood Doylestown Township Supervisor. Anna Payne Middletown Township Supervisor. Robert Hoggard Rochester School Board. Dom Pascual Brookhaven Receiver of Taxes. Vanessa James Pitman Borough Council. Sara Habbo Southfield City Council. Liliana Baiman Columbus City Council.

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Jimmy Pereira Mayor of Brockton. Ben Hixon Virginia Senate, 17th District. Ty Chum Lowell City Council. Taiba Sultana Mayor of Easton. Karen Beltran Mayor of Yonkers. Jessica Carswell Abington Commissioner, Ward Tracee Miller Board Member, St.

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