Ruby Hill (Entangled Ever After)

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There was a little bit of a side story that allowed Kurt to be the cowboy on a white horse riding in to save the day. It was nice to see a lot of background going on around the romance to fill the story without overshadowing our main characters.

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This is a great sweet romance, I'm glad it was sent my way. Amazon: The Antique Love. Excerpt from Eramane:. We ride slowly up the hill that leads to the river. I am sure! Let her go! Kelwyn does not hesitate. She lunges and we gallop down the hillside into the meadow. The mare runs so fast that the wind whistles as it passes my ears. The flowers part as we trample through them.

Ruby Hill (Entangled Ever After)

Insects fly in all directions to avoid our sudden and unstoppable intrusion. The moment engulfs me, and I let go of Lebis to put my hands out. I lift my head to the sky and inhale all of the smells from the earth. I feel the sun trying to kiss my skin, but it cannot keep up with us. I squeeze Kelwyn tightly with my legs; her slender physique enables me to hold on tight. I wish that this moment of freedom will last forever.

My moment of enjoyment is short-lived, as the image of the beautiful man I saw earlier revisits me. But I decide immediately that I want to dwell on this moment, my moment with Lebis, his magnificent mare, and the beautiful meadow. I open my eyes and in an instant the image is gone, replaced by my beautiful surroundings.

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He looks back to me, and I see a smile come over him before he can turn away. She gets a little spooked by the shadows. He dismounts, drops the reins, and offers his hand to me. I slide down the side of the horse and land on the softest, greenest grass I have ever seen.

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As I look around, I realize that I have never been to this part of the river before. Usually my family goes to the waterfall by the cliffs. Here, though, the river runs through the forest, very secluded and peaceful.

Drop dead gorgeous. Too good for any guy from the east side. I want her to take a chance on me, to take a chance on us. She may not be a damsel in distress, but I Dare her to let me be her Hero. She even has to share custody of the dog! The stress is killing her, so she decides to take a night off and attend the Breakup Bash—a private party for women celebrating their breakups—with her friends. Former executive security specialist turned bartender Rome Collier is drawn to the woman easily trading sexy banter with him.

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