Reconciling Canada: Critical Perspectives on the Culture of Redress

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University of Toronto Quarterly

Wakeham, Pauline. Author s Henderson, Jennifer.

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Bibliographic Information Reconciling Canada : critical perspectives on the culture of redress edited by Jennifer Henderson and Pauline Wakeham University of Toronto Press, c : paper. Note Includes bibliographical references and index.

Description and Table of Contents Description Truth and reconciliation commissions and official governmental apologies continue to surface worldwide as mechanisms for coming to terms with human rights violations and social atrocities. As the first scholarly collection to explore the intersections and differences between a range of redress cases that have emerged in Canada in recent decades, Reconciling Canada provides readers with the contexts for understanding the phenomenon of reconciliation as it has played out in this multicultural settler state. In this volume, leading scholars in the humanities and social sciences relate contemporary political and social efforts to redress wrongs to the fraught history of government relations with Aboriginal and diasporic populations.

The contributors offer ground-breaking perspectives on Canada's 'culture of redress,' broaching questions of law and constitutional change, political coalitions, commemoration, testimony, and literatures of injury and its aftermath. Also assembled together for the first time is a collection of primary documents - including government reports, parliamentary debates, and redress movement statements - prefaced with contextual information.

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Reconciling Canada provides a vital and immensely relevant illumination of the dynamics of reconciliation, apology, and redress in contemporary Canada. Jewish Refugees on the SS St.

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    Size 25 cm. Export Export to RefWorks. This essential volume written by award-winning author Larry Loyie Cree , a survivor of St.


    Reconciliation at the Kitchen Table

    Spear Mohawk , reflects the ongoing commitment of this team to express the truths about residential school experiences and to honour the survivors whose voices are shared in this book A detailed, full colour map showing residential schools, timeline with key dates, glossary, and a helpful index including names of survivors and schools make this vital resource a must-have for secondary, college, and universities, libraries, and the general reader.

    Sellars recounts in an uninhibited voice some of the formative events of her youth: her twenty-month stay at the Coqualeetza Indian Hospital in Sardis and, centrally, her attendance of St. Additional reading material to enhance and broaden understanding of Aboriginal history, post-contact with Europeans, impacts of residential schools, common myths, issues, and insight on cross-cultural perspectives.

    This, he says, is the great issue of our time — the most important missing piece in the building of Canada.

    Reading for Reconciliation 6 books on Residential Schools

    Saul illustrates his arguments by compiling a remarkable selection of letters, speeches and writings by Aboriginal leaders and thinkers, showcasing the extraordinarily rich, moving and stable indigenous point of view across the centuries". Joseph and Cynthia Cindy F. This third edition will help readers get beyond Aboriginal awareness and into understanding Aboriginal issues and guidance that can be applied in innovative ways when working with Aboriginal Peoples.

    Here's something that might help you with your commitment to reconciliation. Topics: Indian Residential Schools.

    Reconciling Canada By Jennifer Henderson

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