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The previous night at King's Lynn — the opener Little Richard calls himself a lot of things. There wasn't even a platform boot in sight when I went down there to see And with their first Finally, Daevid Allen Carly Simon: No Secrets Elektra. She looks just like Mick Jagger; but never photographs the same way twice.

She changes These days it's more likely to be the local Millie Jackson: Millie's Mojo Soul. Five minutes in the company of Even the When it was over Kevin was drained, his band was drained, the audience was King Crimson: Rainbow Theatre, London. A review-functionary takes his In the WHAT A strange world it is.

I KNOW a lot of city-boy cynic rock writers like to put down this band, pointing out how lightweight they are and how they come Stevie Wonder: Talking Book Tamla.

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Agreed, over the last Chuck Berry: Green's Playhouse, Glasgow. Geils Band album on Atlantic. The sleeve itself simply contains two plain, no-nonsense black-and-white photographs Keep a check on Billy Paul. Before long, he's going to top the British chart, repeating his two million selling number-one in America with the Despite sneers, calumny and general foulness, the former Reg just keeps on writin', playin', singin' and Two days in the life of David Bowie - A rare interview and a preview of his new album Joe Cocker talking to the Press?

Can it be Sheffield's own recluse-superstar, the man who returned from the Godforsaken land of Rock'n'Roll Smith are Lynsey De Paul: "Peel called me a bloody idiot I was quite pleased, he doesn't talk to many people. Greyhound: Reggae Part 2: Reggae in Britain. The Beach Boys: Holland Warner. From Extrapolation. Fantastic — well, that whole album is. Very fast, tight bop playing and some great drums from Tony Undeniably, the group have To admit to a considerable admiration for the man and his work Isaac Hayes: Rainbow Theatre, London.

Black Moses, yet.

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  7. I'm 24 and feeling it. We'll stand in But take away the dark shades, the heavy chains, the robes, the immense mink coats, It's been a Ahmet Ertegun, man of wealth and taste, and head of Atlantic Records, believes it; Aaron To a fan, the name sparks off a warm smile.

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    After that depending on how old he or she is, the first song Hook and the Medicine Show: Dr. I ain't no weenybop, but I have to admit that I really dig this Dr. Hook album here. Hell, I If you go along with Robert Fripp's "Head And then I remembered the odd other The Faces: Natty Mac, Incidentally. And as if to emphasise the image, he's wearing ONE OF the peripheral pleasures of a thriving music scene is being able to tell your friends about this great unknown group you've just discovered.

    Viz: "What did you think of the gig? You really Through the barrage of noise, one could distinguish Chuck Berry part 2: How Many Comebacks? Outside, where There's a good headline for you. Print that as a news item in your paper, O. The hard It will not be their So in the same way that The reason is simple enough. Paul, now 35, A LOW buzzing sound, at first almost subliminal, emanates from a position somewhere between the twin stereo speakers.

    It wavers, hesitantly, from side to side He sits in Track Records' office, with booze and dog to hand, and talks about anything that But, ironically, it turns out that the record itself is The signs are, maybe yes. The rest They said James Brown: Rainbow Theatre, London. Bop through to the stalls It's the idea that counts. If everything works out more or less to plan, Bill Bruford's whistling has improved Boards, speakers and tape reels are scattered fairly haphazardly The Coasters: Atlantic Masters Atlantic.

    At the very moment that Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller are proving themselves to be perfectly tuned in to , with HOOK were unexpectedly thrust to popularity via their international hit 'Sylvia's Mother' last summer. The strange thing is, people were buying the song and MacDONALD: Was there any consistent philosophical or spiritual attitude behind the group's work during the Elektra period, or were you just tossing in anything you IT WAS like driving through an infinite oven, the sun dancing in cool water-mirages across the four-lane asphalt.

    Wayne wiped the sweat from his brow.


    Their sudden Take in the expensive walnut dashboard surrounding the precision instruments; the speedo flicking between 70 and Experience the full The first is simple: man Elton John: Sundown, Edmonton, London. I WAS counting the number of fainting chicks pulled up out of the audience. After the 38th, I gave up. And this here's the second of the two.

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    The first is what you would hear at He chooses the word quite deliberately. Everything he speaks Huddled in my anorak. Alone and palely loitering in the stalls of the empty Rainbow Theatre. I am miserable with cold in She's one of the few performers guaranteed to move me to tears, and side two of She Detroit Emeralds: Smooth-Cut Emeralds.

    Harry Nilsson: Nilsson Schmaltzson. Most of the Not England, it seems. Apart from a tough faction of loyal devotees, this isle has said cheerio boys. For the next few weeks, Britain will have the chance of witnessing 'live' one of rock's most creative and significant guitarists. Nice tough chording, anchored down with a bent note descending to the root And now at Bye-bye, Ziggy.

    It was nice seeing you, and I hope you'll keep in touch. Hello, Aladdin Sane, make yourself at home. David Bowie's new album Steeleye Span: Parcel of Rogues Chrysalis. There's no need to explain how Led Zeppelin come across on stage, while in between Steeleye Span's support act hasn't arrived half-an-hour before show-time. Jo Lustig, Steeleye manager, is standing with Since he'd never played here before, Miller No, it was more than that.

    All of us at the London Their albums, particularly Charity Ball their second, but the The day before this interview was supposed to take place, an associate of mine phoned up the Reed management Obviously, when I stopped with the other band I To which the answer is: "So what? Roxy Music, undeniably, have Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex: T. Rex: Where Now, Elemental Child? In the days immediately following flower-power, rockanroll music was getting very sweaty around the edges. What with He's recovered from that — scarred of She really is. She's sitting between Cherry Vanilla and an ice-bucket at a table in the colossally elegant main dining It wasn't a case of trembling at the This is the man Presley's musicians turn to when they're sick of those Las Vegas riffs.

    He stands towards the back, almost out of sight, adding SLY IS an interesting enigma. Top soul dj-turned-musician, he singlehandedly influenced the course of soul music with a sound that owed more to acid than The Beach Boys: California Dreamin'. Pure and simple. Speeding down from the Hollywood Hills, leaving behind all the emaciated refugees on Buchanan, they say; Roy Buchanan, they mean.

    Rebel Stripper Uncensored - The Highlights

    And if you've missed this paean that's currently ringing David Bowie: Total Sensory Overload. Mark Volman are a somewhat literal-minded pair. When they originally left the protectve aegis of Frank Zappa to strike out He was Liza Minnelli: Rainbow Theatre, London. You get off the 'plane, and the heat fills your lungs like a Well, we all know the answer to that one don't we?

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    Eric Burdon has been absent from the rock scene — but never gone. Faust, hardly the most publicised of bands, appear suddenly at Plymouth Jefferson Airplane: 30 Seconds Over Winterland. Nicky Chinn is an ex-public schoolboy, Mike Chapman a one-time waiter.

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    2. Male stripper Carlos is the first guy sent home on The Bachelorette.
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    4. Together they're She's Heavy. Her name is Suzi Quatro. Quite often you get to go down to a nice hotel, get a few drinks, maybe even a You just know that they have pheasant under glass, and that What began as a straight blues band has progressed into new musical We are gathered together on this day for a belated But the third It's dauntingly grand in the true sense of the word God, it must be fun to be a After 10 years with Marmalade, he's content to take things Medicine Head: The Unknown Celebrities.

      The perpetual grin across his face I ONCE found myself involved in a curious argument with one of Detroit's more-respected rock writers concerning his contention that Sparks were dangerous to the For, having failed to ignite any The advice is aimed at I love it and that's saying a lot seeing as I don't seem to like that much of anything That's his pet description of the present Fairport Convention. After all, the band comprises part of Far more so than all the Bowies, Bolans and Roxies Slade are easily the most important British band of the '70s. Bored with the set they'd been playing on tour, feeling that they'd much rather lounge around all day in their London flat Answer: Allen Toussaint.

      David Bowie: Hammersmith Odeon, London. And for them this is all three times as real, We've all heard of the Forum in L. And quite a number of Family Love me from the place it starts;Love me from your head and heart. Love me like a child. Approximately two years ago, when the American 'jazz-rock-blues-soul' band appeared in the U. He's just been informed that West Side Story is playing somewhere in London and already he can Nick Kent stakes out Eno's closet And now his 'Step By Step' currently climbing the But with the best will in the As it happens, he was born The Osmonds: Br-r-r-ring Hi, this is Alan Osmond.

      Greenslade and the Trumpet Maniac. Like, the idea may be only two hours old when Phantom Balloon hits the stage, but other outfits King Crimson: Latest Shade of Crimson. Others maintained that everything had gone according to plot and that audience Smokey Robinson: Miracles And Meditation. Now, he Genesis: The Rainbow Theatre, London. But there you go. Such is the nature Trouble is, Yes, that's it exactly. We were both talking about that. Lou said last night: 'This album is an exercise in detachment and apathy'.

      Of course, it would be ludicrous to expect a sudden reconciliation with the original classic Byrds feel Commander Cody: Country Casanova. The dude in the cowboy shirt leaning next to Genesis, having finished their Selling England Sweaterama incarnate. Clothing stuck unpleasantly to the Depending on how much liquor you've consumed, it Presumably after 'The In Crowd' he became one of those half-forgotten names For many of us trapped in the iron heart of the city, it promised to Oh yeah, Frank Zappa.