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Visit the Castle Writemore Website! They foster creative writing, descriptive writing, personal reflection, brainstorming techniques, annotative skills, and paragraph development.

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This helpful YouTube Video from Charlesbridge Publishing teaches simple words and phrases from around the globe. Watch this YouTube video to learn about "Doodle Boarding". There are only two requirements: 1 Give credit to "Wade Bradford" 2 Have fun! The links below will connect you to PDF versions of the scripts.

How to teach Kids - from a Prague kindergarten, part 1 - English for Children

Back to the Summer - a hilarious time-travel adventure for kids. The Santa Interviews - a 10 minute sketch about working at the North Pole. The materials below are provided for offline use for your convenience and are not tracked. If you wish to save your progress, please go through the online version. For further information, take a look at our frequently asked questions which may give you the support you need.

Skip to main content. Curriculum framework An outline of al Primary Curriculum framework Secondary Science Curriculum framework Subject resources The subject resources are divided into six subject About this course 1 hour study 1 Level 1: Introductory Course description. Create account See more courses. Dialogue An important part of your role in helping your pupils learn has to be helping them to think about what they know and what they do not know or cannot do. Role play Role play is when pupils are assigned a role and, during a small scenario, act as they think the person they are being would act in such a situation.

Drama Using drama in the classroom is a good strategy to motivate most pupils. When setting up a drama lesson — or series of lessons, as dramas take time to develop — these are the things you need to remember: Be clear why you are using drama to help your pupils learn. Give clear instructions and explanations about the purpose of the drama.

Have an outline of a drama in mind if your pupils need such support when improvising so you can make suggestions. Build in time for them to practise.

Why Play is Essential for the Classroom

Be ready to give support and suggest ideas when they have difficulty. Use language lessons for them to write their plays and the dialogue. Give them opportunities to perform to an audience whenever possible as this will boost their self-esteem and confidence, even for those who work only on the production rather than performance side.

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Involve your pupils as much as you can in all the stages of the process and decision making. Downloads You can download these files for use offline or on a mobile device. Explanation of available formats and their limitations.

Purposeful play

All downloads across this website. Teachers typically do not think of themselves as role models, however, inadvertently they are. Students spend a great deal of time with their teacher and therefore, the teacher becomes a role model to them. This can be a positive or negative effect depending on the teacher. Teachers are there not only to teach the children, but also to love and care for them.

Shakespeare Plays the Classroom

Teachers are typically highly respected by people in the community and therefore become a role model to students and parents. Mentoring is a natural role taken on by teachers, whether it is intentional or not.

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This again can have positive or negative effects on children. Mentoring is a way a teacher encourages students to strive to be the best they can. This also includes encouraging students to enjoy learning. Part of mentoring consists of listening to students.

OLCreate: TESSA_GHA Key Resource: Using role play/dialogue/drama in the classroom

By taking time to listen to what students say, teachers impart to students a sense of ownership in the classroom. This helps build their confidence and helps them want to be successful. Another role played by teachers is a protector role. Teachers are taught to look for signs of trouble in the students. Teachers must follow faculty procedures when it comes to following up on all signs of trouble. Neuroscience can suggest ways to keep students working toward their learning goals after their initial excitement wears off.

Middle school can be a socially awkward time for students, but these activities can help them feel more at ease with their peers.

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