Paradox and Rebirth

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It is our invitation into the heart of Christ, the heart of God, the heart of life and death. In his five-volume study of the development of doctrine in the Christian tradition, the great Lutheran theologian Jaroslav Pelikan d. Pelikan says that Protestantism is intellectually rigorous. It tries rationally to understand and make sense of profound truths. So the Protestant intellectual tradition tends to use either-or language and thinking.

For example, either Jesus is fully God or he is fully human. At its best, this rigorous intellectual analysis leads the Protestant theologian to clarity and insight. At its worst, it leads the Protestant theologian to a diminishment of mystery, to a loss of faith, to atheism. Pelikan argues that Catholic theology, on the other hand, has traditionally preferred both-and thinking. When they are challenged with the intellectually rigorous question of how anything can be fully two things at the same time, Catholic theologians are very comfortable in stating that it is a mystery.


At its best, this approach to doctrine holds in tension the great paradox that is life itself, and invites practitioners into the heart of truth, into profound silence. At its worst, this position leads to intellectual laziness, sloppy thinking, even idolatry. Can John be right? Could God really not speak life without speaking death?

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Did Jesus have to become human not only to save us from our sins, but to begin to break down our fear of death? Might death really be a door, rather than a wall between life and life? Whatever came to be in him found life, life for the light of all people. Light is light, John seems to be saying, only when it shines in the darkness.

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How can we see and know the light if we do not see and know the darkness? Life needs its opposites in some strange and mysterious way that will be made clearer in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I solemnly assure you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat. But it was for this hour that I came to this hour.

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Father, glorify your name! The life and death of Jesus is not separated into two events; this Lent, we contemplate the mystery of its oneness. Lo, what wonders Gaia had brought forth to the eyes of man, surely her blessings were upon the world today as it was the middle of the afternoon yet a couple of hours before it would approach sunset where those who were in the Rebirth Lake who just so happened to look up would see a beautiful God Beast flying high in the sky as if it were travelling somewhere, it would descend downward until it reached about ft from the ground before roaring the ground would rumble as the God Beast showcased it's power as the weather in the area would conform to being Sunny yet humid with clear skies and plant life would burst out from the surface of the lake which likewise turned into a tropical environment.

It covered a vast distances with the locations within the area likewise being terraformed due to the God Beast's power altering the terrain to be filled with life and nature as Gaia intended.


And so, it begins Aria said in the beast tongue her voice projecting in a magnificent roar to inform the Dobutsu of her intentions, they would lay claim to Rebirth Lake as she did deadmans swamp, as such was the will of Gaia. Once it was done Aria would head back upward into the sky moving at Vacuum Release speeds as she had other places to be, however that was the cue for the rest of the flock to descend led by a Crimson Qurupeco eager for war against the humans to take the Lake on behalf of the Dobutsu.

Each element works hand in hand with each other supporting one another while terraforming the environment and it is often how Aria gets rid of technology replacing it with lush forests for Fauna to safely inhabit. When used it becomes permanent if it is not changed and has unique effects on certain things. When creatures however are called in for assistance they take half as many posts to arrive in a topic.

At this point, he chose to teach others so that they might also experience this realisation, and so when he died, forty-five years later, he then passed through pari nirvana, meaning completed nirvana. Nirvana literally means extinguishing or unbinding. The implication is that it is freedom from what ever binds you, from the burning passion of desire, jealousy, and ignorance.

Once these are totally overcome, a state of bliss is achieved, and there is no longer the need the cycle of birth and death. All karmic debts are settled.

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