Life Lessons: Volume 3

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The amount of speaking and revelation we can receive from the Lord is proportionate to the diligence we apply to our comprehension of the letter of the Bible. Getting acquainted with the facts in the Bible is like accruing capital for our future experiences of the divine life.

The Reader

Witness Lee observes,. Reading the Bible with wisdom involves apprehending the truth in the Bible with our spirit. This wisdom is not our natural wisdom but the wisdom we obtain through prayer.

Instead, we receive it by the spirit of wisdom and revelation, spoken of in Ephesians The spirit here is the mingled spirit, the divine Spirit mingled with the human spirit. Thank God that today in the universe there is not only the divine Spirit or only the human spirit but also the mingled spirit. God and man can be mingled together as one spirit 1 Cor. Basically, the way to receive revelation is by the mingled spirit, that is, by the divine Spirit indwelling the human spirit.

This mingled spirit is called the spirit of wisdom.

This is for our understanding. If we have a revelation, we need the wisdom to interpret and understand it. Our reading of the Bible should be comprehensive and thorough; thus, we must be consistent in our reading.

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We need a schedule. If you can set aside half an hour a day, develop a plan to study the Bible for half an hour a day. If you can afford an hour each day, develop a plan that includes an hour of study.

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Whatever time you can afford, make a plan that will fit your schedule. This is the wrong way. Everyone should have a definite plan of reading.

Publisher of Watchman Nee & Witness Lee

In reading the Bible, we need to be restricted and disciplined. To understand the text, we must also be able to properly interpret the types, shadows, and figures in the Bible. It is a glorious fact that God has become accessible and communicable to us as the Spirit embodied in the Word, but this fact remains objective to us if we do not exercise our spirit to contact the Spirit in the Word.

In other words, after we understand the text and receive the truth therein, we still must exercise our spirit to turn what we have understood and realized into prayer that it may be assimilated in our spirit, becoming our life supply and the basis of our spiritual experience. The head of a match is a ball made of phosphorus.

When we strike a match in a proper way, the phosphorus bursts into flame. Is the flame different from the phosphorus? No, it is simply the explosion of the phosphorus. According to the Bible, we need to pray in order to receive the Word of God. By exercising our spirit through prayer, we touch and receive the Spirit in the Bible.

By speaking and singing the Word, we can be filled in spirit. God is a flowing and filling God, and by getting into the Bible daily, we can enjoy this flow. And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissoluteness, but be filled in spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and psalming with your heart to the Lord. The apostle Paul charged the Colossian believers to let the word of Christ dwell in them richly.

How to Read the Bible

The truth can become a part of us only by our reading and experiencing it. As we dig into the truth in the Word, we are both unveiled to see it and equipped to keep it.

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  8. In this we know that we are in Him. To receive the Spirit in the Word, we need to pray and petition with it; speak and sing it; teach and admonish it; and keep and obey it. We also need to exercise our spirit to mix the Word with faith.

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    Life Lessons, vol. 3 (#) - by Witness Lee

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