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Financial Genius eReport

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T's Timely Tips" by Dr. Tony Alessandra. Please send your feedback to Tony Alessandra. Money isn't love, it isn't family, it isn't health, and it isn't friendship.

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But very few of us ignore money. All of us have financial obligations, as well as hopes and dreams for financial success. Because of these realities, it's an unavoidable fact that you have to be accountable for your fiscal matters. Be responsible for your financial health--take action to reduce the level of debt in your life and to keep it from going back up. Don't look for magic formulas--build your career in the same way you build investments: by emphasizing the fundamentals, by paying attention to what's selling and what's not selling. It's also important to remember not to let financial issues distract your focus from other areas of your life.

That distraction can occur when there's not enough money, when there's too much money, or when debt becomes overwhelming.

It's important to know the importance of money, and to neither minimize that importance nor magnify it. As Peter Lynch has said, "Over time, there are going to be recessions, stock market declines, and layoffs. If you go to Minnesota in January, you know it's gonna be cold. But you don't panic when the thermometer falls below zero--because spring always comes.