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And as we prayed, the glory of God settled on that tiny sanctuary. In the midst of it, all of us sensed that God was calling Larry and Audrey to go and do this type of ministry "full time". We were a bit overwhelmed, excited, saddened, weeping and scared. Had we heard God right? It had not been our intent to leave Silverdale UM church.

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We had enjoyed thirteen years of watching God work in that Body, we were excited about what was happening and we were planning to retire there. There were 35 prayer teams trained and on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Never a week went by without receiving word from one of them about some miracle that God had performed. It was a transient community because of the military and God kept sending people to this church to be filled with His Holy Spirit, empowered, trained and sent out. The military was good at helping with the "sending out" part. We asked the Church to pray about this new direction, and a vision began to unfold.

The vision God gave was of a huge, southern style house, even with white pillars.

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There were rolling green fields, trees, gardens, and flowers; all overlooking a span of water. It was spacious, gracious and intended to be a place of peace and rest and healing. It was a many faceted center: a place for those needing training for ministry, a place of healing, a refuge from strife, for healing of marriages, a respite for missionaries, a place for young teens on the streets to come for protection and direction. There was to be a garden to work, paths to walk, chickens, pygmy goats, sheep, horses, cats and dogs to pet and enjoy, water to swim in or sit by, rocking chairs on the porch, books to read, videos to watch and learn, rooms for privacy, comfort and relaxation, people available for prayer or counsel.

There would be training seminars given at least once a quarter for "equipping the saints for ministry. Eventually, we realized we needed to establish a non-profit organization under which to work. We went to prayer to find a name. Three names were settled on. We sent the first name to the State Registry, "Ruach". It was already taken, the second one, "Pneuma" had the same response. Finally the name Doug Weeks heard was the one the state accepted.

There was no question in any one's mind that it was the right name, because the scripture that God had given was John , "The wind blows where it will; and though you hear its sound, yet you neither know where it comes from nor where it goes. So it is with every one who is born of the Spirit. He told us we were to follow the common path, to go where others were not led to go. To the small churches, the little towns and the common folk, teaching them about the Holy Spirit and how to use the gifts of the Spirit for ministry.

We were "to equip the saints for ministry. The Bishop granted the leave, but we could not stay at Silverdale Church as their pastor. There would be no church, no salary, no house that goes with a sabbatical leave. It was with mixed feelings that we left Silverdale.

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Excited about the "Call", but anxious about where and how we would live. God provided friends who insisted we use their beautiful basement as our home for six months. Then the invitations began to come in earnest and our calendar filled up. Soon there were forty-eight engagements out of 52 weeks, two years in advance. We felt this was God's way of confirming our direction.

God had truly called us to "Wind of the Spirit", as "the wind blows where it wills God brought to mind how we started twenty-two years ago. At that time two very good friends had cancer and Larry had a heart attack at age forty-four. God spoke clearly to my heart and said: "How many more of your friends and loved ones are going to suffer and die, before you begin to use the gifts I have given you?

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Where can we go to learn? Two of these were week-long events, one in California and the other in Quebec, Canada. And in both, our way was paid by those who were presenting the school: room and board, registration and airfare. We began to learn that God is truly faithful to His word.

Our confidence was a bit shaky. Then we were amazed. God healed so many people of so many things. All we could do was look at our hands and say, "God, how could you possibly use someone like me? Luke tells us Now God says, it is our turn to train others. We have endeavored to do that through seminars, camps and conferences. People are able to learn and practice in a safe environment so they feel confident to step out and share the "good news" where ever God sends them.

After much prompting, a four and one-half day "Healing Academy" was started. The purpose of this article is to point you in the right direction and to prepare you for this ministry, so you will be ready to help and minister to a wide variety of people, in a wide variety of bondages, and bring them into complete freedom in Christ! This article alone is by no means a complete manual, You can either seek out a good deliverance minister who will know how to cast out demons and let them do it for you if you are too afraid to try and do it on your own.

If you decide to make the requested payment through the Minister Credential Renewal site, the previous payment will automatically be applied towards your next year's dues once it is received and processed. The ministry in our day has taken on more of a vocational meaning as we call pastors "ministers" to full-time service.

A Christian brother, who has been in contact with the ministry, is desparatly in need of spiritual warfare.

Mending the Body of Christ Behind Prison Walls

Be inspired with daily articles featuring marriage help, parenting advice, movie reviews and more! Christian living resources and Bible study to encourage your walk with Jesus Christ. Each week there will be Fwo lessons and a one- hour small group Lecture 10 - The Typology of Deliverance References Help us reduce the maintenance cost of our online services. We have seen children from babies to teens receive significant deliverance in the church and at home.

Joseph Parish, in New Hampshire. Items available: Physical card available in English and Spanish. Ask the Lord to send angels to beat the enemy down as dust before the wind and cast them out as dirt in the streets Psalm , Our first goal is to help him understand that he doesn't need to go through a prayer line to receive deliverance. Jen Clark equip you with practical, user-friendly tools for receiving self-deliverance: where you can be set free from bondage and experience spiritual healing right where you are.

Lunch is included. It is the study guide for this teaching series.

The Equipping Church Guidebook

Olukoya, Dr Stella and other anointed men of God to empower you and teach your hands to war and your fingers fight. The Holy Spirit Himself will lead you to who these people are and how to lead them to the right deliverance minister in your area who will then be able to deliver them from their demons.

Christian PDF Books are offered at no cost. Approximately 60 percent of the people who came to our seminars this year felt a very clear response within themselves when we called their spirit to attention. I am a conservative, evangelical minister, and believe the Bible to be the literal, inspired Word of God. Plea the protection of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Grand Ole Opry 20,, views God will save, deliverance is of the Lord, but it must be accomplished by human instrumentality.

The power of forgiveness, setting people free through deliverance, realizing my true identity in Christ, and dealing with rejection are important subjects that were dealt with during the course. But for Jesus and His early followers, it was completely normal to cast out demons. Hope Outreach, Canada. It works in the same way as the deliverance from the trial that comes in facing the death of a loved one.

I admire these victories above all other deliverances. What role do counselors have in coming along side of others to process life and bring biblical resolution?

What are the tools for a deliverance minister pdf

Defeating Dark Angels is both a handbook for doing deliverance ministry and a rebuttal to arguments against deliverance. Pastors do spend their lives in the ministry, they do minister to others, and they can rightly be designated as ministers, but pastors are not the only ones who are to be involved in ministry.

After becoming ordained, you should check the marriage laws of the state you'll be performing a wedding in and contact the office of the local marriage authority usually the county clerk to confirm what you need. I'm a middle-aged, nondenominational Gospel minister with more than 30 years experience as a senior pastor of successful churches, seeking an assignment in middle TN or KY. Be Still 7. We are first held accountable to take care of the first ministry which God gave us and that's family.

We have paid extra to make the website cell phone compatible. Read the reviews and download the free PDF e-books. Everything was translated to the Visayan language. One of the first books on deliverance Pigs in the Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond Impact books, lists demons in 53 categories. The methods presented were developed by Henri Lemay and are based on several years of experience and international recognition.

Our community of believers pray powerful spiritual warfare prayers for deliverance and healing and over all types of situations such as to receive support iTidings Ministry — exposing government and church conspiracies around the would emerging church, chrislam, NAR, etc. Sometimes, too, deliverance is carried out in a way that gives more prominence to the minister or to the one receiving deliverance than to the Lord Jesus.

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There need be no fear created in the child about deliverance.