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He must have suspected something. In February of , shortly after the judge presiding over the gambling trials denounced him by name for undermining amateurism in college sports, Bee wrote a passionate semi-rebuttal in the Saturday Evening Post. I always thought that an athlete should be given free tuition, books and whatever went with it.

Dugout Jinx : A Chip Hilton Sports Story

Gildea argues otherwise. Gildea pays particular attention to Dugout Jinx , in which a professional scout tries to get Chip to sign a contract while still in college by promising to keep it secret, and Freshman Quarterback , dealing with overactive football boosters. Of course, Chip comes through in the clutch, on the field and off.

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  • In that regard, he was indeed a latter-day Frank Merriwell, a model for the postwar university scene. Merriwell, whose decades-long popularity began in the s, had been depicted as a member of the elite. Born into wealth, he had attended a private school, where, in addition to team sports he honed his boxing and fencing skills, then went off to Yale.

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    The tales about him were supposed to provide glimpses into the elite, exclusive world of higher education only four percent of high school graduates went to college in and didactic lessons about character and sportsmanship. He enters a different collegiate world, too. By , 40 percent of high school graduates were going on to college.

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    It failed miserably. Chip Hilton turns down an athletic scholarship, avoids the gamblers, fights racial prejudice, and does all the things that a modern Merriwell should. And, like Merriwell, he was enormously popular millions of Chip Hilton books were sold , although for a much shorter time. That he was created by a man who knew the ever-growing dark side of intercollegiate athletics so well may be paradoxical, but it is an intriguing paradox, one that Dennis Gildea has done more than anyone to illuminate. Feinman Job Board.