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Piney hops, toasty malt, bittering grapefruit-lemony follow up. T: Flavor is bright with prickly pine, semi-dry, with a lingering dry hopping of citrus-pine on the follow up. Light sticky pine oil and flowery hop texture. M: Medium body, mid-range carbonation, malty, syrupy feel, lightly dry finish. O: Toasty malting and grapefruit hopping with blood orange spicing. Good level of and mix of hop flavor and bitterness. Aroma is malty and has notes of citrus.

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Flavor is malt forward with notes of citrus and pine. Pours a clear dark copper color with a light tan head. The aroma features some citrus with less hops and more malt than expected for an IPA. As the dark color suggests the taste is heavy on the malt with some orange peel and hops in the finish. Overall, this resembles more of a hoppy amber than an IPA.

Not bad. Vigorous poor gets me three fingers of biscuity tan head. Body is a very deep Amber and the beer looks beautiful in the glass overall. Nose is of big maltiness and Mandarin oranges. The first thing you notice with first sip is the big malty body that is up front and dominant. Not necessarily what I was expecting from a blood orange IPA, as the hops struggle to show themselves. Overall a really tasty brew and very enjoyable to drink but kind of the weak for an IPA. A little bit of lace. Sweet malt. Not much in the way of citrus.

Mostly a caramel taste. Just a hint of citrus. Was expecting more in the way of citrus. L - Dark amber S - A balance of malt and hops, not getting too much citrus T - Balanced with malty, bread flavors up front, with a bitter finish. The orange doesnt seem to meld well with the supper caramelly malts.

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Decent beer just not a homerun. Collaborating with The Walking Dead, Terrapin's latest creation is like catnip for their hop-zombies everywhere. The Walking Dead IPA pours with a rich honey amber color with elements of rust and reds peaking though its tethers. Citrus peels capture the essence of all-things-orange with grapefruit, lemon and freshly muddled grasses floating just above a toasty, nutty and sweet caramelized base set of flavors.

As the beer unfolds, the toasty-sweet favors are of peanut skins, over-cooked caramel and savory toasted bread.

Slowly relaxing, the malt turns to dryness and the hops link up with the added fruit for a two-headed tandem of taste. Freshly zested oranges carry a non-descript citrus flavor that mingles with lemon, lime and grapefruit seamlessly and chases the taste into a deeply resinous finish of fresh grass clippings, torn pine needles and sharp citrus oils. Medium-bodied, the beer's lingering sweetness registers fuller than most IPA; even as the drying resins of hops act to counter the sweetness with great success. Bitter, drying and lasting with citrus, the beer's final frame retains light savory malt sweetness and lingers with a toasty, nutty, citrusy bitterness.

And yet, the malt just won't die! Khaki colored finger width head that displays average retention before dying down to a thin, broken layer of suds. Lacing consists of small streaks and spots that do well to stick to the glass. Smell - Orange and caramel are the predominant characters in the aroma.

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A hint of toastiness. Taste - Hmm, more malty than hoppy, it seems. Mostly bready with a caramel edge and a fair amount of orange hop flavor. Distant chocolate notes. Faint pine near the finish. Underwhelming, to say the least. Mouthfeel - Medium in body with moderate carbonation.

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Goes down easy enough, but nothing particularly noteworthy. Overall - This is okay, but after having the ever-so-beautiful Lagunitas Citrusinensis last year, I may have expected more from this Blood Orange infused offering. The hop profile is simply weak. I've had regular ambers with more hop bite than this.

Definitely not worth the asking price, and TWD franchise would be wise to distance themselves from such a mediocre offering. Nice looking beer with deep gold to light brown color for ipa. Soda like carbonation is a bummer. I had to jump on it, I am a huge Walking Dead fan. Gonna pour this one into my Duvel goblet. L: Muddy brownish color. Dark brownish hue to the head which lingers a long time. S: Orange! Citrusy as hell. Not like orange juice but like citrusy grapefruit and orange peel. It is dominant, don't really smell the beer, I smell the citrus.

T: Just like it smells. The citrus flavor is powerful. The beer itself isn't beer on its own, but imagine squeezing grapefruit juice into a beer. That is basically what I am getting here. I have never had an ale like this one, not sure if I can fanboy The Walking Dead and keep drinking these, especially at the price I paid.

Dead Blood

Baby needs the long way 'round to get on back to me. I said "Don't leave me out all night. They've been coming out the woodwork trying to do the good work of the Lord, but the only hand that can mend is the one that tore. I don't think she wants to anymore. You kicked up these hurricane winds and the maps are dead blood red. Don't leave me out all night because, babe, I need your shelter. Tags americana folk alt-country singer-songwriter Indianapolis. White Rabbit Cabaret. FoxGardin Kitchen and Ale. The Noise Press arrives in Naples and invades Comicon and even with it, its authors.

It will be presented "The Kabuki Fight - Alpha" by Vincenzo Federici and Valentina Pinto; the comic combines in an original way the performance of kabuki theatre and one of the videogames pillars: beat'em up The Kabuki Fight - Alpha Action. Friendship, honour and strenght: the three kabuki actors' strongholds.

They recite fighting in full of fans theatres but they fears the thirst of blood more than their opponents. This comic book payes homage to the beat'em up, a must for many generations. Love for the era that score a lot of us. Vincenzo Federici and Valentina Pinto give to us a exciting travel between fighting and adrenalin! Toggle navigation. Dead Blood 4 Horror Dead Blood 4, the last issue of this miniseries, is entirely set in Europe; London, Warsaw and Paris are the stages of a journey that will take us to the darkest abysses of the human soul.

Dead Blood 2 Horror Let's continue the journey with Siro in an Italy devasted by the zombie Apocalipse between old enemies and new encounters. Dead Blood 1 Horror There are creatures living in the night from unmindful time.