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My clients made more progress and enjoyed the process more. Finally, I was ready to go bigger.

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Now that I had a system that worked, I wanted to teach that system to others. Once they were trained, they could work with their own clients… and they could work with me to coach my clients.

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I could take our client load from 15 people at a time to 30 or 45 without sacrificing the intimacy of the experience and the personalization of the support. Also back in , I wanted to create a way for the people who followed me to get exactly what they needed, in terms of business support, when they needed it. The way I knew how to do that then was to create the resources they were asking for, little by little. I figured that they would pay an annual fee for unlimited access to these resources.

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Specifically, they wanted a way to talk to each other about what was going on in their businesses and ask for help. And, despite my initial reluctance, I grew to love the time I spent interacting with them. There was something about this group of people: down to earth, honest, and thoughtful. The group never suffered the same drama that so many other online groups suffered.

Then, at the end of , I decided to pull the plug on our main offer, Quiet Power Strategy. I was ready to grow something bigger and even more useful for small business owners.

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Instead of pretending I had all the answers to all the business questions, I would create a space where someone really did have an answer, observation, or life lesson in response to any question. I also spoke with Allison Puryear , the founder of Abundance Practice Building, about how a chance conversation at a networking event led her away from private practice therapy and into helping therapists build their businesses.

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  5. Racheal Cook, the creator of Sweet Spot Strategy, will explain how she took an experimental 1-day in-person retreat and used it to restructure her whole business model. Brittany Berger , the writer behind the Work Brighter newsletter, will share how the project she took up for fun while working at a marketing agency has become the focal point of her business. We love to explore what works with small business owners from across industries and business models.

    When you enter your email address, we'll send you regular updates on interviews, ideas, and inspiration to fuel your own journey to find what works for you. When she began researching ways to get involved with adoption and helping others with the process, Aldea found Gift of Adoption, a national organization founded in to provide financial assistance to those adopting a child. She is a founding board member of the Michigan chapter of the organization.

    Aldea said adoption, whether international or domestic, for an infant or a child is a major financial undertaking.

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    About 25 percent of people consider adopting, but only 1 percent actually go through with it, she said. With Gift of Adoption, a board meets monthly to review applications from a local chapter and decides that same month who will receive a grant. Michigan became the 12th local chapter of Gift of Adoption in June. All money raised for the organization goes directly to grants.

    She smiles at him and thanks him gratefully, calling him a wizard. Fabrice casts a mentus on her and begins to walk away, only to stop when Claire asks him if he was just going to leave her there with the vampires still around. Evidently, the mentus didn't work on her. Unsure of what to do, Fabrice takes Claire to the Manor , where she "discovers" that she is a spellbinder.

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    Claire has short brown hair, light blue eyes, and fair skin. Her outfit consists of off-white t-shirt with an orange short-sleeved minijacket over it, brown fingerless wrist-length gloves, black capris, and light brownish green knee-high boots. Occasionally, she wears the Theives' magic cloak that allows her to become invisible.